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Conditions We Treat

Interventions We Offer

Child Services

Children are not just “little adults;” they have different ways of understanding the world, and different needs from adult clients.  Our child therapists understand the unique needs of children, and offer evidence-based practices that are developmentally appropriate.

Adolescent/Tween & Teen Services

Adolescence can be a challenging time in the best of circumstances.  If you feel like your tween or teen is struggling, or if they are asking you for help, we are here.  Our adolescent therapists meet these young clients where they are, respecting their experiences and perspectives while offering tools and guidance to navigate this life phase.

Young Adult Services

Whether you are a young adult who has left home, is preparing to leave home, is wishing you could leave home, or is wishing everyone would leave you alone because you’re doing okay staying at home, we are here to support you.  Or if you are the parent of a young adult who may be struggling, we understand and are here to help. 

Adult Services

Whether you have a new life stressor or are struggling with a life-long challenge, our adult therapists are here to support you.  Our trauma-informed services focus on improving how you feel and function in the present.  This may or may not involve talking about difficulties from your past.

Autism Counseling Services

We are dedicated to providing high-quality therapy to individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Our team of experienced therapists utilizes evidence-based approaches and individualized treatment plans to address the unique needs and challenges that can arise with autism.

BIPOC Counseling Services

We at All of You Counseling are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  While we may not be able to guarantee you a therapist who is BIPOC, please know that all of our therapists are committed to the same goal, and participate in ongoing education and training about the additional stressors many BIPOC people are subjected to.

LGBTQIA+ Counseling Services

LGBTQIA+ Counseling Services are designed to provide guidance, support, and care for the emotional and psychological issues faced by individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community. Our counseling services are tailored to meet the unique challenges and needs of LGBTQIA+ individuals.

Groups & Community Services

All of You Counseling offers therapy services that help improve mental health & well-being. Our caring therapists offer a safe space to explore thoughts, feelings, & behaviors aiming to help you grow & heal personally. Therapy is a great tool to overcome life's challenges & achieve happiness. Contact us to learn more.


At All of You Counseling, we are pleased to offer a convenient and effective teletherapy option for our clients. With the current state of technology, we understand that traditional in-person therapy may not be the most convenient or accessible option for everyone. 

Additional Services

All of You Counseling is preparing to offer a variety of additional services in the coming year. Stay on the lookout for notices about teen and parent Book Clubs, community movie screenings and discussions, and assorted therapy groups.

Walk and Talk

If you struggle with idea of sitting in an office or at a computer during your therapy session, ask your therapist if they do Walk and Talk sessions. These sessions are just what they sound like – you and your therapist walk outside the Manassas office during part or most of your session. This doesn’t provide the same level of privacy that you experience in the therapy office or on telehealth. But if sitting still feels like it would hold you back, this might be a great option for you.

Please note that we do NOT provide forensic services!

Therapists at All of You Counseling are NOT trained, and ARE NOT ABLE, to provide forensic services, custody evaluations, or other court-related professional services.  If you need these services, please seek a practice with appropriately trained and experienced mental health professionals.