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See What to Expect – Therapy Process on our Homepage for a brief description of the early steps in the therapy process at All of You Counseling.

We work primarily with children, adolescents, and young adults, though we also work with adults. We specialize in working with people who are autistic/have autism and the LGBTQIA+ community, and we have a special place in our hearts for middle schoolers.

We all face challenges in our lives. Most of the time your own knowledge or experience helps you figure out a solution. And if you are stuck or don’t know what to do, often your friends or
family can help. When your support network is not enough, then therapy might help.

You don’t need to do anything to “be ready” to try therapy, except want to see change in the way you feel or handle things in your life.

If you have insurance and plan to use it to pay for your therapy (instead of doing private or out-of-pocket pay), then a great place to start is on your insurance’s website. Look for things like “Mental Health Providers,” “Behavioral and Mental Health,” or possibly “counselors.”

We accept many forms of insurance at All of You Counseling. See “Does All of You Counseling accept insurance?” Below.

Asking friends, family, and other trusted people in your network for suggestions is another great way to go. If someone you know and trust has had a good experience with a therapist, you might feel more comfortable trying that therapist. But if you’re searching online, look for sites that provide details about a therapist’s experience, such as Psychology Today.

If you want to learn more about any of the therapists at All of You Counseling, see our About Us page, or reach out through our Contact page.

Once you’ve identified a therapist, or have a list of possible therapists, you can go to their website and look for Contact Me information. If you get a list of therapists from your insurance,
this should include contact phone numbers.

Again, at All of You Counseling, a great way to connect with us is on through our Contact page.

There are many people with mental health needs, and luckily the stigma around seeking mental health help has been weakening. This means that many therapists are seeing a lot of clients these days. Once you find a therapist, it may be the case that you might have to go on a waitlist until they have an opening to see you. This is especially true if you limit your availability to popular hours, like after school/after work or weekends. You might improve your chance of seeing a therapist sooner if you are able to meet with them during business hours.

Your therapist may or may not offer you a free consultation call before your first session. Therapists at All of You Counseling offer a free 30 minute consultation call. This helps you get to know them, and decide if they seem like a good fit for you. This also lets them get to learn more about you and your concerns, if you choose to share these during the consultation call.

During your first session, your therapist will introduce themself, describe company and therapy policies, and answer any questions you may have about these. Your therapist will ask you questions to start a conversation about who you are, and what brings you into therapy. You may or may not discuss possible treatment goals in the first session – this is often done a little later, such as in a second or third session.

The information you share in your therapy sessions is subject to HIPAA* protections, much like the medical information you share with your doctor is protected. There are some exceptions to this confidentiality, which your therapist will explain in your first session. You can also read more about our Privacy Policy

* HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. You can find more information about HIPPA here. https://www.cdc.gov/phlp/publications/topic/hipaa.html

At All of You Counseling, we work to strike a balance between protecting the confidential information young clients share with us, and helping parents understand how they can help and support their child(ren). This can sometimes cause frustration in parents, because therapists won’t share details that parents might wish to know. But your child’s therapist will let you know about your child’s progress, whether the therapist thinks services are helping, and suggestions for what you might do at home, when that is appropriate.

You are able to request parent consultation sessions with your child’s therapist. These sessions are typically covered by insurance as part of your child’s service. The rules of confidentiality still apply in these consultation sessions, but you will have more time to ask questions and get more in-depth discussion about your child’s progress and treatment.

If a young adult wants – or needs, and is willing to accept – help from their parent in seeking or securing therapy services, that’s great. The young adult client will still need to sign all of their own paperwork. The one exception is if a parent will be paying for costs related to service. In this case, the parent will need to put their credit card on file and sign the related financial agreements.

We at All of You Counseling are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  You matter.  While we may not be able to guarantee you a therapist who is BIPOC, please know that all of our therapists are committed to the same goal, and participate in ongoing education and training about the additional stressors many BIPOC people are subjected to.  Your therapist is committed to making your sessions a safe space where these stressors, as well as any other concerns, can be shared and addressed.

Services Faqs

Yes, All of You Counseling offers online sessions, also called telehealth. We utilize a client portal that has teletherapy built in.

We do not provide psychiatric services or psychological assessments at this time. However, we gladly provide our clients with referrals for these services.

If you are a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner (NP), or a psychologist, and you are looking for a welcoming and growing practice to join, please see our Join Our Team page. We are especially eager to talk to professionals with pediatric experience.

All of you Counseling does not currently offer couples or family therapy. However, sometimes individual clients may have a spouse, partner, or other family member(s) join one or more sessions, when that is helpful and deemed appropriate.

We love working with children and adolescents!

We do not currently offer play or art therapies (though we would love to talk to any play or art therapists who are looking to join a warm, supportive practice).

One of the core values at All of You Counseling is our determination to offer a safe space in a world that is too often unfriendly to the LGBTQIA+ community. Whether you are seeking services related to your orientation or identity, or your orientation or identity are just part of you and you are seeking help with other areas of your life, we would be honored to see if we can help you.

At All of You Counseling, we are experienced at diagnosing Gender Dysphoria (although we recognize that for some people, Gender Euphoria would be a better label). If you are considering medical interventions, we are able to provide mental health support and documentation when needed.

Insurance and Billing FAQs

Yes, at All of You Counseling we currently are able to accept UnitedHealthcare, GEHA, and Cigna. We hope soon to be able to accept BCBS (including Anthem and FEP), Aetna, Kaiser (as an approved out-of-network provider), Tricare, and Healthkeepers.

We are working to credential with (be able to accept) Healthkeepers. We do not accept Medicare, or other Medicaid plans.

There should be a Customer Service phone number on the back of your insurance card. Often, calling this number is the best way to get answers to your questions. You can also see if your insurance has a website with FAQs, a Chat feature, or other ways to find the information you need.

If your insurance changes, as soon as you can, please either call us (703-574-5887) or email billing@allofyoucounseling.com. Please do not make changes to your insurance in your Client Portal before contacting our office. We might have sessions pending with your old insurance.

For clients who opt for private pay, you will be responsible for the cost of your session (see our Fees & Insurance page).

If you utilize insurance, you will be responsible for paying any copays and/or coinsurance you owe. This will typically be charged on the day of your session. You will also be responsible for session fees when you have a deductible with your insurance. If you have a missed session or late cancellation, you will be responsible for the Missed Session Fee.

If you ask for and receive out of-session services – such as having your therapist attend a school team meeting, or having your therapist complete forms or other non session paperwork – you will be responsible for these fees. You can find more details about our fees on our Insurance & Fees page.

All of You Counseling accepts most major credit/debit cards, and requires that a credit or debit card be kept on file. If you do not have a credit or debit card, please contact the office at billing@allofyoucounseling.com, and we will see if other arrangements can be made.

In order for our therapy practice to have sufficient funds to pay our therapists in a timely manner, it is important that we prevent large outstanding balances from building up. We therefore charge all copays/coinsurance, as well as missed session and other fees, on the date of service (or date of missed session).

You can use your Client Portal to see your balance, and make a payment in the instances where the insurance processing timeline leaves you with a balance due. If you do not remember your Client Portal link, you can find it by searching for your provider’s portal link on our homepage, under the Patient Portal pull-down in the top right corner.

Please email billing@allofyoucounseling.com if you have any questions about your balance or a bill. If you ever see a balance due and you are not sure if you actually owe it, please contact us before you make a payment.