Fees and Insurance

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Therapy / Counseling Services

The fee for your session will depend on what type of provider you see. For Licensed Clinicians (LCSW, LPC, LMFT, Psychologist) fees are as follows: $175 for an initial/diagnostic session, $150 for a 55-minute appointment, $125 for a 45 minute appointment, or $100 for a 30-minute appointment (though 30-minute appointments are rare).

For Supervisees in Social Work, the fee is $75 per session for all sessions (initial/diagnostic, 55- minute, and 45-minute sessions). For graduate school interns, the fee is $50 per session (initial/diagnostic, 55-minute, and 45-minute sessions). If you have questions about the differences between these professionals, please contact us at info@allofyoucounseling.com.

Non-Session Meetings

Some therapists, especially those who work with children, may be willing to attend meetings (such as school-based team meetings), if you request their attendance. This type of meeting is not covered by insurance, and so falls under out-of-pocket professional services. If your (child’s) therapist agrees to attend such a meeting, the fee is based on their hourly rate.

Other Services

Other services, such as letter-writing and completing forms, are available. Please contact your therapist or our main office at info@allofyoucounseling.com with questions about types of
services and their rates.

Court / Forensic Services

Therapists at All of You Counseling are NOT trained, and ARE NOT ABLE, to provide forensic services, custody evaluations, or other court-related professional services.  If you need these services, please seek a practice with appropriately trained and experienced mental health professionals.