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Some of us are born with nervous systems that are a little (or maybe a lot) more “activated” than most people’s nervous systems.  People born with autism, ADHD, and a predisposition for anxiety are on this list, as are many others.  Some of us were born with typical nervous systems, but trauma or chronic stress have caused our nervous systems to go on “high alert,” and we have trouble managing big feelings, controlling big reactions, or slipping into a defensive shut-down mode.

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If these challenges sound familiar, there are now new interventions that have proven to help many people with these kinds of challenges (in therapy-speak, people with activated or dysregulated nervous systems). 

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a relatively short intervention (approximately 6-7 weeks).  It can help reduce feelings of stress, help improve concentration and focus, and increase social engagement for those who struggle to comfortably connect with others. 

The Focus System tends to run longer (sometimes a few months instead of just weeks), because it adds movement to the intervention and is designed to “rewire” brains that struggle with neurodevelopmental challenges.

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Both SSP and the Focus System use specially treated music to sooth over-active or over-stimulated nervous systems.  Developed from work on the polyvagal theory, these programs work with our bodies’ natural activation and calming mechanisms, to re-teach the nervous system how to recognize safety and experience more calm.

Whether you’ve tried other therapies before that haven’t helped (or haven’t helped enough), or this is the first time you’ve seriously considered professional help, SSP or the Focus System could be a great way to address your challenges with or without exploring other talk therapy tools. 

Check out these links to learn more about each program:

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Focus System information page:

Either intervention can be offered as part of a traditional course of psychotherapy, or they can each be offered on their own (with no need for as much of the talk-based work as in traditional psychotherapy).  For those with insurance, your insurance might cover most of the cost of your treatment.  For those who prefer more privacy, private-pay options are available.

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