Autism Counseling

If you or your child have a diagnosis of low support needs/high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or if you wonder if you or your child might have ASD, All of You Counseling is here to support you.

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Autism Counseling Services

At All of You Counseling, we celebrate the fact that there are so many wonderful ways to see, think, feel, and be in this world.

We provide counseling services that respect your sensory and social needs, while helping you navigate in a world too often designed for the needs of neurotypicals.

For parents of children with ASD, we can support you as you work to support your child. Whether you wonder about your child’s behaviors and have questions, or your child is newly diagnosed, or you’ve been living with the diagnosis for years but are facing new challenges, we are here for you.

You are not in this alone. Please check our Autism Resources page for helpful resources and relatable blogs.

Some information about ASD diagnoses

Please note that if you don’t yet have a medical diagnosis of ASD and need one, we can only diagnose for counseling purposes. Our diagnoses typically will not be recognized by schools for Special Education purposes, nor by your insurance provider (for coverage of any services outside of this counseling service). We will be glad to explain the types of providers you can go to for a formal, medical diagnosis, if you think you need one.